The Simon M. Dedvukaj Foundation provides our youth with programs that encourage and promote good character and principles, a sense of community, pride in the Albanian heritage, and the importance of education.

Our programs include;

  • Scholarships which provide students each year for private elementary, high school, and college tuition.
  • Sponsoring youth oriented recreational programs to promote physical well being and team involvement. 
  • Sponsoring youth oriented religious activities which promote faith, good character, and a sense of community. 
  • Helping the less fortunate in our community, both here and abroad.

The Foundation encourages children to choose religion, education, and heritage as their path to a bright future and your support is needed to make this difference.

The Simon M. Dedvukaj Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, will make a difference in our youth by devoting all proceeds to our cause. It is the goal of this Foundation to continue the memory and kind spirit of Simon, with your donation we are one step closer. We look forward to seeing you share our goal and hope that you will be involved.

Our Story

Dedicated to our youth, community, and heritage, The Simon M. Dedvukaj Foundation provides and encourages a positive approach to empower our children to make better choices in order to build a positive future for themselves, their families, and their community.

Established in memory of Simon M. Dedvukaj, whose life was taken too early on September 11th during the terrorist attacks at The World Trade Center, his dreams never realized, his dedication to help others will continue through this Foundation.

Simon devoted his life to his family, his heritage, and his religion. A true gentle young man, Simon was honest, generous, and sincere. He valued and encouraged education. He involved himself in his culture by learning the history and practicing the traditions of his Albanian ancestry. Simon promoted the importance of heritage and community and trusted his faith to guide him. Simon was a powerful example of how to live a virtuous life and it is that influence that will guide this Foundation in its mission to help others.